Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Love via cake

I’ve been loving my job lately.

Doesn’t that just make you want to kick me in the face and call me a stupid job lover? And a weirdo? And a freak?

It’s okay if you do. I think it’s awfully strange, too. I’ve been working a gazillion hours (and, oddly enough, working has not entailed reading in blogs or writing my own – eventually I’ll catch up to what you’re all up to! I swear!) and have been smacked around by every stressful situation and crabby-ass parent that could possibly smack me around.

And still I enjoy it.


I like it because I feel somewhat empowered. They trust me here. They know that I’m good at what I do. It’s silly, maybe, but it’s awfully nice to be appreciated.

My bosses (a husband/wife team – which isn’t as weird/awkward/disastrous as it has the potential to be) are totally fun. My coworkers are an absolute riot.

The best of it all? On Monday morning, one of the girls I work with brought me a birthday cake. Nothing fancy, she said sheepishly. Not a huge, elaborate cake like you’d make, she pointed out. But we wanted you to know that we love you.


How could I not, in turn, be in love with my job?


betsy said...

You are a freak and a weirdo...but not because you love your job! harharhar, we love you too, happy birthday again!

Plantation said...

Since graduating, I've 'loved' my job for all of 2 months out of the 19 years I've been working. Am happy for you. Loving your job is so rare. Hold onto it.

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