Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I just spent the last hour of my life - an hour I could've spent reading John Irving's Until I Find You - researching apartments. Location, location, location (of course). And price, price, price (duh). As Indoor Stella is living in Mom and Dad's garage and Outdoor Stella is piling on the miles, I was fairly obsessed.

When I was done with The Great Apartment Search, I pulled up my online banking to see if that $9,000,000 I've been praying for had been deposited and...oh...what is that?

Apartment #3 cashed the check I gave them to cash, upon passing my credit check, to hold the apartment.

Um, hello?

Is this a bad joke?


I am confused.

I have a few phone calls to make.


betsy said...

So? Did you get it???

And if not did you get your f'n money back!????

*delayed congrats* if you did!!!

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