Friday, August 19, 2005

Miss Martha

Lookie what I made!

Um. I didn't build it or anything. But, with my mammy's help, I refinished and reupholstered two of these chairs, which were my great grandma's and happen to be the most comfortable reading chairs that the world has ever known.

My chair project consumed last weekend. This weekend, it's painting a buffet and priming bedroom furniture.

And looking at a few apartments.

Oooh la la! This little girl is getting awfully excited.

I suppose parts of growing up aren't so bad.


slow poke kate said...

oohhhh lovely!!!! I ADORE redoing old furniture. It has so much character!

ropedncr said...

good job! i'm not handy like that at all, but the loml recently reupholstered me (or at least she tried to...the fabric looks nice but the innards are still faulty...oh - and speaking of faulty, is your email not working at present?).

Mrs. Architect said...

How jealous am I!?! That looks incredible!

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