Monday, August 01, 2005


Today was the first day in my new office -- the fresh-out-of-the-box facility that I was hired for.

An hour's commute seemed like nothing when I was hired.

Sure seems like a little somethin' somethin' now.

From this point forward, my blog will be comprised of:
a. play-by-play of my favorite morning show
b. detailed roadkill count
c. incoherent ramble (much like what I am poisoning your brain with this very second)
d. bitching
e. moaning
f. whining.

Get pumped.


ropedncr said...

i don't need your prompting. i get pumped about anything you have to say. don't you know that already? one of the reasons the loml loves me i think is because i listen to her. i let her ramble on, lose track of what her point is and switch topics in mid-stream for no apparent reason, and i love it. because i love her. i could just sit and watch her breathing and i'd love it. i miss her whenever one of us is gone.

Plantation said...

Am familiar with the bottom 3 having been here for quite a while. My commute's 75 minutes so I'm familiar with the top 3 as well.

betsy said...

OH hell no, I did the one hour commute for about a year and a half...IT SUCKS. Beware!!!

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