Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Lonely through mid-December

Lucy is the brave one.

Midway through our sophomore years in college, she put her education on hold to serve in AmeriCorps.

I remember how hard I cried as I drove home after we bid each other an awkward goodbye in her driveway. I cried because I felt alone. My college years were not rich in friendships; I felt desperately lonely knowing that the girl who understood me the best was leaving me for Colorado (and, as it turned out, Minnesota, Nebraska, Louisiana and Indiana).

I expect tonight to be the same. I still don’t have many friends. She still knows me best. I’m still going to cry because I don’t want her to go and because I’m envious of her bravery and because I’m proud to be her best friend.

She’s studying abroad this semester. Thailand. She leaves on Friday.

And that makes me awfully sad.


Stace said...

I couldn't do it. I'm one for consistency. But that's awesome. I'd be proud to be her friend too.

Plantation said...

Makes me sad, too.

Unknown said...

That makes me sad :(

Don't worry... you have a plethora of friends on the world wide web. In particular one who cares a great deal in Florida! :)


Mrs. Architect said...

Ditto to gff! And thailand...oh how I am seething in envy!!

Jumperless said...

I'm sorry, I know how you feel about having a lack of friends. But be proud and keep in touch with her.

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