Thursday, August 18, 2005

Found time

This week, Meg’s best friend went back to Colorado, where she goes to school, and Jay – the 300 lb. leech – left for an extended visit with his parents in California.

Meg is depressed.

She’s our sensitive, fragile little baby, so Mom is concerned and I am taking action. We will make Meg feel better the only way we know how – by distracting her.

This weekend will be painting ceramics with the little cousins, a shopping adventure at the best outlet mall within a three-hour radius, apartment hunting, gym going, Blizzard eating, fun having and sister bonding.

I’m fairly excited. This summer, we’ve been more far than close. I don’t like it that way.

She moves back to school on September 2.

Lots of time to catch up.

And to do plenty of damage to Dad’s credit card.


Unknown said...

That sounds like a blast! Can I be your sister too? Or will you at least share your blizzard with me?

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