Thursday, August 25, 2005

Communicate with me, assholes

My mom bought me a couch! A cute, smallish, leather couch exactly the color of Stella! We have named my couch Indoor Stella.

I am excited about Indoor Stella. She matches well with my chairs and the rug and coffee table I bought at the Pottery Barn Outlet this weekend. And the old buffet I painted up to look frigging adorable. I have an entire room of cuteness!

And nowhere to put it.

On Monday, I put in an application for Apartment #3. The leasing agent I'd toured with wasn't there, but the broad I gave my application to promised that she'd call me on Tuesday.

Now, call me crazy, but it seems to be Thursday and I haven't heard from her.

Wouldn't you call to say that my application was rejected, at least?

(Which I can't imagine that it was. I just leased a fucking Lincoln. How bad can my credit be?)

This bitch can't pick up a phone, so I mostly am hoping that I did get rejected. Like I even want to live in an apartment where the front office staff doesn't know how to dial a phone!

This rant guarantees that I will be accepted and that I will be drowning in the pool one day while the office staff stands around attempting to remember the number for 911.


Unknown said...

YOu crack me up, Indoor Stella. I must remember to name my new furniture. Maybe I'll call my new crib, "fetus container" when I get it.

I'm sure you didn't fail your credit app! She is probably too lazy to work right now. :)

Stace said...

Your too cute.

You probably got approved but yeah GFF is right, sometimes people don't wanna work. Call them, and resolve the issue. :) Good luck

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