Monday, August 08, 2005

Chock full

As a student of communications and a child raised on ABC News, I am totally bummed out about the death of Peter Jennings.

His death surprised me; my reaction did not.

I've always had a tender heart. It's never taken much to make me cry. Deaths are not an exception. From Princess Diana to my grandma, I've never handled death well. ...even if it doesn't directly impact me.

Like Peter Jennings.

Like my friend Brad's father.

My friend Brad's dad, who was known to students throughout our district as Mr. K, died suddenly when we were sophomores in college. Mr. K was in his classroom, eating lunch with a few of his students, when he died of a heart attack brought on by his type-1 diabetes.

I found out from my sister, who played volleyball on one of the many teams Mr. K coached. (Mr. K coached our local junior high, high school varsity and community college teams). Meg's heart was broken.

And mine followed soon after. Not for Mr. K, really - I didn't know him - but for Meg and for Brad. I went to the visitation. In the days that followed, I cried a lot. I do that. Crying for those who deserved to be cried for, even if I didn't know the deceased.

It probably isn't a good thing for my mental state.

Overall, however, I think that it is.

More people need to be cried for.

More people need to be eulogized through tears.


ropedncr said...

yes. more people do deserve to be cried for, and many of them are still living. i love your tender heart. and i'll miss peter jennings. he was always a role model for me for what a high school dropout could be (having graduated in the lowest 10% of my class, i always admired that about him.

Plantation said...

I agree with you. Remember my "Missing" post not too long ago?

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