Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Professional stalkers

I liked John Mayer before he was cool.

There aren’t many things I’ve done in my life that could be construed as trendsetting, but my early John Mayer obsession earns me a few cool points.

I fell in love with him, via Napster, at the beginning of my freshman year of college. I passed him along to Lucy, who also fell in love.

And then we were obsessed.

At the time, we were also obsessed with road trips.

Add the two together, and you get us to our first JM concert: June, 2001.

He was every bit as spectacular as we’d expected.

We saw him five more times that year; we've seen him 10 times in all.

After our second JM show, I was getting my picture taken with Mr. Mayer when another concertgoer snickered. He asked me, in a tone of voice that could only have been for idiots and telemarketers, if I actually thought that JM would be famous someday.

I rolled my eyes.

And thought of that nasty fucker when John Mayer won his first Grammy.

Lucy and I don’t go to John Mayer shows anymore. They’re not the same. When the audience-to-musician ratio hits more than 500 to 1, the quality of the show deteriorates. It doesn’t matter how good the performer is. It happens.

And it sucks.

But being a visionary is an amusement that eases the pain of a favorite musician lost to the mainstream. It’s pretty bloody entertaining to watch the eyes of the so-called “biggest fan” when I pull out the pictures, the ticket stubs...

...and especially the story recounting the day John showed us his boxers.


betsy said...

JM IS SO HOT, you have to post a story about him showing off his boxers...Oooooohhhhhhhhh Im drooling!

ropedncr said...

boxers? i love boxers. the first dog the loml and i got together was a boxer. they are so cool. how many did he have (you made it plural but you didn't specify a number. just interested, but if you could give me a brief reply i'd appreciate it.

A said...


Ropedncr. Seriously. You made my day.

Dazed. I'll tell one day. ;)

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