Tuesday, July 05, 2005

My holiday weekend was

Quality time with cousins Emma and Anna. Tearful. A Saturday morning skating lesson. Goodbyes to Max. Fun. Feeling closer to Grandma. Meg’s 19th birthday. Hugs. Filled with family. Tankinis. Dirty looks in Jay’s direction. Be Cool. Hitch. Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Kinsey. Team America World Police. Washing Stella. Mexican food. Fireworks by Colin. Live 8. Neighbors. Cameras and scrapbooks. Hugs. A trip to Best Buy. SPF 45. Family secrets. Fast Food Nation and The Art of Mending. Tommy “the Hitman” Hearns. Sparklers. Giggles.


Too short.


ropedncr said...

sounds as though you had a wonderful time. i'm glad. oh. and did colin shoot off any really...oh wait...maybe you meant...

Stace said...

awe you and colin. :) Sounds like you caught up on your movies.

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