Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I hope he didn't tell her my name

Dad went to the MLB All Star Game last night.

He sat next to a woman who happens to be The Big Thing as far as women playing in men's professional hockey leagues go.

As little Meggie is female and a hockey player, Dad got her an autograph.


Minus the fact that The Big Thing has been very recently hired by my company. And the fact that The Big Thing and my dad discussed this.

Hope of the day: that The Big Thing doesn't forever think of me as The Girl Whose Dad Asked Me for My Autograph.


Plantation said...

Cammy Granato?

A said...

Nope. Not her! :)

Plantation said...

I'll go across the border. Hayley Wickenheiser?

A said...

Not Hayley Wickenheiser!

ropedncr said...

i feel like i'm watching a tennis match.

Plantation said...

I give up. You win.

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