Thursday, July 07, 2005

Family meeting

Meg wasn’t at dinner tonight; her absence gave the rest of the family ample opportunity to bitch about Jay, out favorite 34-year-old creepy weirdo.

Mom: “It’s the Electra complex, Rob. Meg is transferring her feelings for you to Jay.”
Dad: “Wha?”
Mom: “She still wants to marry you.”
Dad: “I’ll gladly marry the little bitch if it gets that douche bag out of our lives!”

Needless to say, Jay won’t be moving into Grandma’s anytime soon.

God bless common sense and Jay’s inability to masquerade as a sane, productive member of society.


Sarah said...

Yep, your blog is still managing to amuse me as much as the day i stumbled across it.

Glad your family's on your side now, and have fun in NYC! I *love* that city!

ropedncr said...

hurray for mom and dad!

Mrs. Architect said...


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