Friday, July 15, 2005

Did they tape Canded Camera at DTW yesterday?

I walked out of the bathroom at the airport just as this little, chubby girl, who is probably about seven, asks a janitor "where is my grandma?" and then turns and run in the opposite direction.


We're going in the same direction, so I keep an eye on her. She's walking close behind an older woman; I assume that's her grandma. But when she stops and yells out "Graaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaandma!" I decide to invervene.

I take her to a gate desk. Explain the siutation.

The NWA employee asks for Grandma's name. "Grandma Kay."

The NWA employee ask for her name. "Savannah."

The NWA employee asks Savannah where she's going. "To Aunt Deb's house." Where does Aunt Deb live? "I dunno."

They page Kay, grandma of Savannah. I sit down with her.

So, Savannah, where do you live?

"On a dirt road."

Uh. Okay. What state do you live in?

"I dunno. The United States?"

And that's when I thought that I was the butt of a really bad joke.

But I wasn't. Savannah was clueless. I had a flight to catch.

And so I have no idea if Grandma Kay and Savannah were ever reunited.

I am so sure that, once I've reproduced and I want to scare my children into obedience, I will end this story with "and I don't know if she ever found her family again!"

It won't be a lie, at least. So that's good.


Stace said...

Now that's scary stuff. But also . . you can't leave your kids clueless like that, it's dangerous

ropedncr said...

yes. never lie to your kids. scare them, sure, but never lie. the truth is scary enough.

Plantation said...

Airports are a nightmare, A. You find yourself constantly worried about losing your child. So many people and kids *do* have a tendency to just wander. You are a sweetie to help little Savannah.

Unknown said...

eek... thank God you stopped to help her! You know, Savannah is one of the names on my future children list :)

Thank you so much for your email, A. It really brightened my day... it was wonderful to know someone was thinking of me :) Thank you again!

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