Monday, June 27, 2005

Phone tag

Over the weekend, my mom had to track down my grandma and grandpa on their boat (a 40' sailboat that they keep on the sixth, unofficial, Great Lake about an hour from our houses). The first time Mom called Grandma and Grandpa was to tell them that a friend and neighbor of over 40 years had died. The second time Mom called was to tell them that Grandpa's brother had died.


Due to location (we live five minutes from my grandma's house) and last name (six letters, is spelled just as it sounds), my mom is a lot easier to track down in the phonebook than her sisters. And so she breaks the bad news.

Which gives me a legitimate reason to marry someone with a surname more uncommon than the man my sister marries.

I'm a thinker. Yes, yes I am.


Unknown said...

how do you make me giggle at such a morbid post? I love your outlook.

I'm sorry about your great-uncle. (Isn't that the right terminology for the brother of a grandparent? not sure)

Sarah said...

Oh surnemes. Mine is certainly NOT spelt how it sounds.

Thank God.

Sorry to hear about your great-uncle.

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