Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I kneeded to play

My right knee has really been bothering me. It feels loose. Side-to-side movement is awkward and unsteady. I’m worried about it, to be honest. I’ve been around sports long enough to know that knees aren’t joints to fuck with.

Worried, yes.
Smart, no.

Despite persistent knee pain that lasted over a week, I played in my soccer game on Sunday.

To compensate for my gimpy knee, my hip worked extra hard.

[That’s how I translate the sharp, unbearable pain that I'm repeatedly stabbed with every time I move, anyway.]

The price to pay for playing in my game = going to bed with ice on my knee and on my hip.

Tax = going to bed with ice on my ankle, which is swollen, bruised and lacerated because some bitchass ho went in for the ball spikes up.

Shipping and handling = spending all of Monday limping around and restraining from a strong urge to vomit, a feeling sparked by my overdosing on ibuprofen and Tylenol to combat joint/muscle pain.

Hi, everyone! I’m a hot mess! Kill me now, please!


Robert_M said...

Hang in there kiddo. I like the new Wolverine white football jerseys. A more classic look, which is always good.

Stace said...

I TOTALLY FEEL YOUR PAIN!!!! My knees are going to go soon, I can feel it. Going to bed with ice is an every night occurance here recently. Take it easy, or try to.

Plantation said...

Lemme know if you knead a rubdown...

Mrs. Architect said...

I thought about you on my way home yesterday when I was behind a new LS. Boy is that one hot car!!

Mrs. Architect said...

btw...what color did you decide on?

ropedncr said...

i would never kill you. i love you too much (well, maybe million dollar baby kill, but only if you asked).

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