Monday, June 06, 2005

Hot, hot, hot

Seeing as how it’s hit 90 degrees yesterday and today, I think that it’s safe to say that we’ve skipped spring and transitioned straight to summertime. Not to shine my own shoes but – this weather is so midwestern.

I don’t do hot weather very well.

80+ makes me sluggish and crabby. I’m hot; I’m uncomfortable. I itch. I’m unmotivated. I reek of sunscreen. I want to claw my eyes out.

We don’t have air conditioning.

It makes me bitchy.

Mom and Dad have refused to install air conditioning for the last 12 years. Because we live on a lake, they claim, we should have the windows and doors open.

Because we live in the 21st century, I argue, we should have air conditioning so that I do not have to be reduced to a sweaty heap of flesh for four months of the year.

I seriously hate it.

I had my first outdoor soccer game yesterday. Oh, how typical for it to be 90 degrees for my first outdoor game in five years. And for the grass to be long enough for it to feel like I was running through knee-deep mud.

But I scored a goal.

A pretty goal. The first for my team, in fact.

And after I scored, I nearly crawled off the field, choosing to collapse onto the bench instead of basking in my glory and immediately gunning for another.

Seriously. I hate the heat.

I hate the heat enough to fully appreciate the storm that crashed through the county last night, despite the fact that it poured into the open windows and doors and left Colin without power and enough traffic lights out to make me late for work this morning.

It cooled the situation down.

For a while, anyway.

Until I went to bed and it got muggy and I tossed and turned and sweated through a hor-or-or-rible sleep.

I’m tired!

Which is why I’m bitchy.

No. Revise.

It’s part of the reason I’m bitchy.

Other reasons:
1. My computer at work died a fast, horrible death at 9:35 this morning.
2. I like to be bitchy.
3. My dinner tonight was, like, really icky gross.
4. My Aunt Lynn and Uncle Paul are here and won’t leave.
5. I hate the heat.

So there you go.

And while we’re on the subject of heat: GO PISTONS.


Unknown said...

Girl, I am totally feeling you! We had our first soccer game Sunday in the searing heat... it was miserable. It's been at least 90 every day. It really really really really really sucks that you don't have AC. I was miserable in Honduras with no AC, so I can't imagine living without it. Can you buy a window unit for your room? They were on sale at Home Depot last week for $99. :)

Unknown said...

PS. Congrats on the goal! You rock!

Robert_M said...

No AC? zoinks!

ropedncr said...

first off. if you polish your shoes, won't boys try to look up your dress? second off. how come there's never a second off? third off. right there with you, sweetie pie. the chicago area is basking (?) in the heat also. heard on the radio that three consecutive 90 degree days constitute an official heat wave, and that a heat wave this early on makes for a scorcher of a summer. normally i'm against spam, but should we be starting one of those internet petitions to get you ac? fourth off. kudos on the pretty goal. and fifth off. tim duncan is the man!

Mrs. Architect said...

At my mom's house in alabama she doesnt have central air/heat. Just space heaters and window ac's and they both seem to get the job done. maybe you could look into one for your room because I would hate the heat too (esp in 100+++ degree texas) if i didnt have ac.

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