Thursday, June 09, 2005


It breaks my heart when I consider what my priorities were five minutes ago and what they are now, having just learned that a kid I went to high school with – a kid who had leukemia when we were in junior high – has been diagnosed with tongue cancer. He started chemotherapy this week; today he had his tongue removed.

He’s 23.


ropedncr said...

how horribly sad. the loml and i will keep him in our prayers. we can pray for him just as a's friend, or you could email his first name to me. whatever you feel comfortable with. my heart just goes out to him and his whole family.

Sarah said...

That's awful. That's really sad. And such a shame that something so tragic makes us re-evaluate our own lives. My dear friend's marriage broke up late Monday night and it's still cutting me up to see her.

Sometimes life isn't fair.

Unknown said...

OH my gosh, that is awful. It really does make me so sad for him, his family, his friends. Is he married?

Stace said...

Oh no. My prayers go out to him and his family.

Plantation said...

So very sorry, Alyson. Life's so friggin fragile, isn't it? We really gotta take advantage of it while we're here for this short time, don't we?

A said...

You guys are so sweet. Thanks for being so compassionate.

robedncr - his name is John.

GFF - no, not married. Just a , single kid with a big heart and a horrible string of luck.

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