Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The worst present ever

For her high school graduation, I bought my sister a six-month membership to our gym.

Stupidest. Move. Ever.

Meg started out like all of the rich bitches at the gym: taking classes. And then, because her brain is not wired like that of a normal female, she got a stupendous idea.

She’d join the boxing team and get hit in the face for fun.


So Meg went from spending an hour per day at the gym to spending every fucking spare moment of her time there.

Spending every fucking spare moment of her time at the gym translated into spending every fucking spare moment of her time with a lot of really, really shady characters.

Like her boxing coach.

Jay is 34.

Ahem. Let me repeat that.

Jay is 34.

Jay is 34 and, one year after Meg joined our gym, Jay and Meg “hang out” every day. Somehow neither of them think that there’s anything wrong with this. An 18-year-old and a 34-year-old can be just the best of friends! Sure, she’s essentially a kid. Sure, he’s divorced and has a kid and a live-in girlfriend. Sure, she is always lying about what she does with Jay. Sure, she skanks out before she goes out with Jay. Sure, they’re just pals. It’s normal!

I hate it. Oh, baby Jesus, do I hate it.

The age thing – it’s weird. Yes, it is. But it isn’t what bothers me.

What bothers me is that Jay is a professional thug [a “bodyguard” for a man who isn’t anyone but happens to get off on gambling huge sums of cash]. I am unsettled by Jay’s fantastic stories – he was born so big that he was eating solid food within a week of being born! He’s boxing in Germany! His boxing match in Germany, suddenly cancelled because the guy he was supposed to fight was murdered by the Russian mafia! But Meg sits on his lap (literally) and eats it all up.

And babysits his kid.

It’s hard for me to look past what’s happening with Jay and Meg. Letting my sister maker her own mistakes is proving to be infuriatingly slow. He strings her along. She is constantly nipping at his heels.

And I am constantly biting my tongue.


Plantation said...

Hmmm, you're in a tough spot girl. I'm sure you'll do the right thing.

ropedncr said...

age differences can be brutal, but what would bother me the most would be the live-in girlfriend. i was going to give some (probably unnecessay) advice, but then i remembered that you know how to be all on your own. best wishes.

Stace said...

YIKES!! That sucks, I would have told her but you know better. :) Good Luck

Mike said...

Well the gift was well intentioned. Sorry about your situation. Maybe you can call in a favor from those Russian mob guys to handle this.

Unknown said...

Eek... that really really really sucks! Have y'all talked about it at all? Or is she just really defensive? I totally understand what a difficult situation this puts you in... no one wants to hear about what they're doing when their loved ones are concerned about them.

Sarah said...

That sucks, my older sister used to bring some right weirdo's home, one even looked like a penguin. we used to be honest with her, usually in a taking the piss kinda way, but she's turned out ok in the end.

voice your concerns to her. she'll hate it at first, but in the long run she'll love you for it.

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