Sunday, May 01, 2005

Today, it’s my back

My body constantly hurts.

I realize that I bring it on myself, with soccer and hockey and walking into stationary objects and skating and wearing excessively high heels and boxing at the gym.

But it is not fun and I will never be okay with it.


Unknown said...

high heels + soccer = weak, sprained ankles (speaking from experience)

Just think of how we'll feel when we're 80. But it's all worth it now, right? :)

Constance said...

No pain. No gain.

We have the pain, so like, where is our gain?

A said...

ancethcal - I think that most of my gain comes in the adrenaline-induced high I get from working out. The pain is just what I have to live through to pay for it. A workout hangover, I suppose.

GFF – Absolutely right. I am young, I am stupid and I will not even consider giving up either.

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