Sunday, May 29, 2005

Proof that I'm a working girl

I am a HUGE fan of The Three-Day Weekend. My love is fanatical. I am all over this shit.

The Three-Day Weekend is occupied with tasks that do not fit in The Two-Day Weekend.

And, with that exceptional forward, I present to all of you:

The List o’ Activities That Would Not Fit Into A Two-Day Weekend And Wouldn’t Fit Into A Three Day Weekend, Either, Except Colin (that fucker) Is Out Of Town:

1. The viewing of Pretty Woman
2. The knitting of a purse
3. The purchasing of the ultimate pair of jeans that ohmygod make me look so skinny and so tall and just like the love child of Anna Kournikova and John F. Kennedy
4. The pickling of my brain via 90 straight hours of MTV’s True Life
5. The fantastical fun that is a putting and chipping lesson with my dad
6. The tripling, in one night, of the amount of sleep I get over the course of a regular (read: shitty) workweek

And tomorrow morning I’m having breakfast with Kevin!

I seriously could, like, die.


ropedncr said...

wait a minute. colin is a fucker? is there something you haven't told us? i'm glad you had such a (non)productive weekend. we all need to stop to refuel now and then before we crash and burn. and your brain is pickled? mmmm. dill spears.

A said...

No, no. Nothing I haven't told ya'll about. Am just bitter that he had work commitments (in your lovely state, actually) over The Three Day Weekend.

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