Tuesday, May 10, 2005

My uncle the fuck

I went to Chicago to see my cousin.

I did NOT go to Chicago to get a job.

That probably doesn’t surprise many of you, since I haven’t kept the fact that I have a job a secret. Or since I haven’t shut up about my job since I got it. Whatever.

Although you wouldn’t know it, I haven’t kept the fact that I’m employed from my extended family, either.

Okay. Lets recap.


And my uncle knew that I had a job when he invited me to a hockey game/business function that he’d be attending when I was in Chicago. Uncle Ed does advertising for a company in the field I work in; he said that he thought I could meet a few good connections.

Connections? Okay. We all need connections. And, in the future, I might need a new job.

Key word: future.

Not this month. And this month was exactly what was proposed to me.

Which fucking pisses me off.

I have a job and I am offended that my uncle thinks that I am enough of a spineless douche bag to even entertain the idea of leaving my company (which is great and treats its employees exceptionally well) after a MONTH because something that sounded slightly better came along.

And my night was ruined because my uncle is too pussy to tell me that he thinks that I’m selling myself short at my current job. He would rather dress me up and throw me to schmooze with the wolves.

Which leads me to this life lesson: when attempting to run someone else’s life, be direct about it.

If you are my uncle, you should just tell me that you think that I’m wasting away my life and the education I got at the school that I was too stupid to go to. Let me stay in my sweatpants and away from your business associates.

Use words. Use logic. And go to hell.


ropedncr said...

sounds like something straight out of the gilmore girls (the grandmother and your uncle must be related). did he at least get hit by a puck?

Stace said...

So that's how it happened. DAMN!!

Unknown said...

That's funny... I thought about the gilmore girls too.

Just take it as a compliment- you are SO highly desired & skilled that multiple people want you :)

Constance said...

"Sounded slightly better" Your words. Not mine.

Anyway, everybody wants you. Get used to it. You'll run into a lot of that in the future. (And say Thank You when you don't.)

Nice story though. Maybe, you should have your uncle call me.

Carrie said...

well... the good news is that if these people you met have half a professional bone in their body (unlike Uncle Pester) they will respect your professionalism to not leave a company you just hired on with.

my two cents.... keep in touch with the people, if they're cool. after putting in some time and getting experience with current place, these people might be able to offer you something that sounds exceptionally better, and you'll have it happen on your own terms.

ps.... congrats on the job!!!

A said...

I've never seen Gilmore Girls. But if Uncle Ed is featured as a grandma, I might just have to start watching.

The proposed job sounds slightly better, yes, but I am nearly certain that in reality it wouldn't be better. People would think that it's a really glamorous position but, in reality, I'd be someone's bitch. No responsibility. No thanks.

Sarah said...

Jobs, like buses, boys, pretty much anything we're waiting for in life, all run by the same rules: All or nothing.

Just think, now you can happily settle into your new job knowing you have choices (as opposed to taking it because it was offered)...

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