Saturday, April 02, 2005

With mayonnaise, eggs and extra coolness

When my best friend, Lucy, says excellent it sounds like she's saying egg salad.

This is one of the few (thousand) reasons I love her.

Here are 17 more.

1. She has very red hair
2. She is a horrible driver
3. She likes fun games
4. She will enthusiastically eat Indian, Thai and sushi with me. Unlike anyone else I know
5. She had a car named Jerry
6. She has a car named The Running Egg
7. She is blatantly and unapologetically political
8. She always thinks that my idiotic schemes are brilliant
9. She reads John Irving
10. She couldn’t possibly know less celebrity gossip
11. She gives good nicknames
12. She can talk to anyone. For long periods of time
13. She keeps up on the latest independent films so I don’t have to
14. She doesn’t mind driving long distances for a good restaurant, an amazing used bookstore or a concert
15. She tells good stories
16. She never moves faster than a leisurely mosey
17. She’s always five minutes late


Stace said...

cutness. :)

Plantation said...

Nice tribute.

slow poke kate said...

aww cute. Just for the record, I love Indian, Thai and sushi. (Vegetarian, of course)


Unknown said...

Ooh! I love this post! Can I steal the idea?

She sounds like a wonderful friend. I love Indian, Thai, and sushi also. For the record.


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