Saturday, April 30, 2005

Vegas on ice

Shopping for a skating dress
[translation: small and spandex and terrifying]
Should be reserved for a day that did not proceed an entire fat week

I learned that today

It’s probably not the only thing that I learned today
But my memory was erased
By short skirts
And flesh-colored fabric
And rhinestones
[which, in skating slang, are referred to only as ‘stones]
And velvet
And Lycra
And tights

And the overwhelming desire to:
a. never eat again
b. gouge out my eyes with a sharp poking device


ropedncr said...

but if you never eat again we won't get any more entertaining posts about binges, and if you poke your eyes out with a sharp object you'd have to dictate these posts for someone else to type in (which they wouldn't be able to do because they'd be laughing too hard). we love you just the way you are.

A said...

ropedncr, your kind words made me realize that never eating again would mean:
a. uncontrollable crabbiness
b. I’d never have anything to blog about


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