Friday, April 29, 2005

Two steps closer to elderly

At work today, in the midst of a spell of boredom, I got the sweetest fucking idea. It was like God whispered in my ear.

"Go to Jimmy John's for lunch, child."

I was instantly super-pumped.

Jimmy John's is the sandwich shop I frequented in college, you see. When I was a freshman, it was mostly confined to Big 10 campuses, but over the course of my education, the Jimmy John's franchise expanded (much like my brain and my hatred for higher learning).

So now you can get Jimmy John's sandwiches and not venture a foot onto a college campus.

Which I tried for the first time today.

I danced (the rumba, if you must know) into the Jimmy John's by my office. I sang my order for a #6 (vegetarian, even though I'm not).

And then I stood at the pick-up counter and itched myself.

Something wasn't right and it gave me the hives.

This is what wasn't right: there were old people working at Jimmy John's. Not mostly stoned art students. Old people.

And, while the sandwich was delicious, it just wasn't the same.

Because I felt like a suburban Jimmy John's sandwich engineer.



ropedncr said...

ahem. remember. some of your readers are old people (at least one of them). i'm still 16 on the inside, but when i look at my hands (which i do ofter (with a sick fascination)), i wonder whose they are, so wrinkled and parchment like. they can't be mine. i'm still a kid! i don't still don't know what i want to be when i grow up. how did i miss the grownup bus. i could've sworn that i was waiting at the right stop (but, knowing me) i was probably looking at a flutterby (a much more logical name) or staring at the clouds wondering if that one formation really looked like albert camus). anyway. i'm old. but one of the ways i stay young (and happy) is by reading you everyday. have i said thank you lately. god. i'm sorry. this comment is probably longer than your post. i'll shut up now.

Stace said...

Unfortunately we all start to "grow up" eventually. It's ok once you get use to it. Maybe next time it won't bring you hives. :)

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