Tuesday, April 19, 2005

This list is incomplete

I like Norah Jones when I’m going to sleep.
I like Jack Johnson when it’s sunny.
I like Eminem when I feel homesick.
I like Jamie Cullum over the loudspeakers at skating practice.
I like Aerosmith when my dad forgets that he’s not Steven Tyler.
I like David Gray when I need to stimulate my brain.
I like Maroon 5 when I feel like singing loud enough to make myself hoarse.
I like Counting Crows on rainy days.
I like Justin Timberlake when I’m in the mood for sugary pop.
I like Damien Rice when I’m thoughtful.
I like Missy Elliott when Meg and my cousin Liz are around.
I like Jason Mraz in the summer.
I like Sarah McLaughlan when I want to feel strong.
I like Sugar Ray when its muted.
I like Matt Nathanson when I just want to be.
I like The Monkeys when Mom is dancing.
I like Howie Day when I put aside his assault charge.
I like 50 Cent when I’m driving to soccer.
I like Tracy Chapman when my sister is singing along.
I like Ari Hest when I’m too exhausted to think.
I like Rachael Yamagata when I need a kick in the ass.
I like Backstreet Boys, but only when “I Want it That Way” is playing.
I like the RENT soundtrack when I’m in the shower.
I like John Mayer when I want to be reminded that I’m not the only one.
I like Dave Matthews Band anytime.


Plantation said...

Never have seen a spin like this. Love it.

slow poke kate said...

great list! It has been ages since I last poted, but I am still here.

Hope you are well doll!


Mrs. Architect said...

Awesome! You have a great taste in music. Esp w/ "I want it that way" :-)

ropedncr said...

anna nalick's first cd came out yesterday and i pulled it out of the basket before it even hit the floor. and i don't thing "where is the love" is all that sugary (and i really like the blackeyed peas cover). music shades my world too. when i'm really, really down i listen to "crazy baby" by joan osborne.

Stace said...

Wish I knew who all these people were, I guess I wish I was as diverse as you are. :)

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