Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Party on pause until paycheck

This is the unofficial official announcement that I have a job.

The papers haven’t been signed and the t’s haven’t been crossed but it’s been offered and the benefits have been explained and the salary has been discussed and unnecessary orientation has been scheduled and the location of my desk has been debated. I have a job, but I don’t officially have a job. I don’t officially have a job because I am superstitious and silly and afraid to get too excited and that Chicken Little is right and the sky is falling.

When officially official, singing it from the rooftop will commence. Eventually. When the job is officially, irrevocably mine. Officially officially irrevocably mine.

Whose following?


Stace said...

Well "unoffically" I extend my CONGRATULATIONS!!! but of course that is currently unofficially until it becomes official. :)

Unknown said...

YAY!! I say we have an unofficial Thai food party with peeps for dessert. You on?

Plantation said...

You're right. You're hot and on a roll. It's so nice to see :-)

Mrs. Architect said...

Congrats!! Congrats!! Congrats!! I am SO thrilled for you! It couldn't happen to someone better!!!

Robert_M said...

unofficial congratulations are in order

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