Monday, April 04, 2005

My innermost secret

Okay, OKAY! I’ll admit it.

I do have AOL Instant Messenger set with an alert to Colin’s screen name; my computer emits an annoying squeal when he signs onto AIM.

And I do leave the sound turned up on my laptop when I go to sleep for this very purpose.

And my heart does go pitter-patter when Colin’s shrill AIM alert rips through the house and rattles the walls.

Which is a little too similar to Pavlov’s drooling canines, to be honest.

Hello. I am a big fat loser and I deserve to be poked in the eye with a sharp object.


Robert_M said...

That's the sweetest goddam thing. You are in the middle of one of the best feelings you'll ever have, enjoy it, embrace it, and don't let anybody tell ya different.

ropedncr said...

okay. try to pay attention now. you are so not a big, fat loser. say it with me now. what you are experiencing is a perfectly normal part of a young women's (or man's for that matter) life at this stage in your relationship. at least it's not like you're driving past his house a dozen times a day hoping that you'll get to see him (you're not, are you? :-)). i envy you that burst of feeling that accompanies young love.

Plantation said...

Ropednr, have you been following me?

A, relax. Strange Magic has taken over.

Sarah said...

that's too cute! And again, nothing loser-ish about it at all :) Those are some of the best feelings in the world - if only we could bottle it and sell it on, we'd be billionairess'!

A said...

Oh, you guys!

I will maintain that I am a big, fat loser. But perhaps it's in a charming sort of way.

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