Friday, April 01, 2005


My hair isn’t only curly. It’s toxic.

Look. See for yourself.

My wet hair does that. Why, Internet? Why does my hair suck the soul out of innocent shirts? Where did my hair learn this behavior? It was such a sweet baby; where did I go wrong?

This hair-dying-shirts happens regardless of product. But only ruins select shirts.

Explain this to me, boys and girls.


Robert_M said...

It must be product related, are you sure? Something you are using must say 'may bleach certain dyed fabrics' or something like that.

I ruined a shirt or two in this exact same fashion...sadly.

Stace said...

Just quit washing your hair it should quit doing it. :)

Ella said...

Are you sure it isn't the marshmallow Peeps and Reese's peanut butter eggs?! I've never had a shirt ruined like this, but then I've never eaten those things either...

Unknown said...

hmmm. I switched to Dove Radiant silk deodorant and that happened to my armpits. So either it's my armpit hair (which is shaved off and living deep inside my hair follicles but apparently so toxic it bleaches shirts) or the deodorant.

So maybe it's your hair products.

A said...

The problem with this being product-related is that I've dyed things using quite a few different products (because, having curly hair requires different products for different styles) and, my curly-headed little sister who uses the same products doesn't ever dye things.

What I am getting at here, kids, is that I am a freak.

Maybe Ella's right and it really is the crap that I eat.

JuRiScHiCk said...

is your water treated with chlorine? it could be as simple as that; the water coming out of your shower bleaches your shirts when your wet hair sits on your shoulders!

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