Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I’m not going to lie

As of late, I have been blogging nothing but crap. Don’t tell me otherwise, kids, because if there is one thing in my life that I can be honest about, it’s my writing. I know when it’s good; I know when it isn’t.

Lately, it hasn’t been.

I can be honest with myself; nobody likes to suck.

I blame it on being happy.

But I’m none too thrilled about sacrificing my ability to write for this constant state of euphoria. Giddiness should not cancel literariness! Not all authors should go the way of Plath and Hemingway!

My writer’s block has built itself into a brick wall.

And I’m so hardheaded that I just keep slamming my forehead, hoping that my persistence will be rewarded and I will live to see another day of writing that is not so mediocre that it makes my skin crawl.

Clearly, however, that day is not today.



Plantation said...

Try as I might, I just can't picture those words (MFer) coming out of your mouth. Blog on...

Sarah said...

I wish my writers block was as entertaining as yours though. My blog just goes unmanned for weeks.

ropedncr said...

personally i thought the 'motherfucker' helped save your post. i didn't consider it mediocre at all (and if it was, i'll take your mediocre over some other people's great).

Unknown said...

I agree with Sarah... if only my writer's block was entertaining as yours...

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