Monday, April 11, 2005

Clan-like tendencies

They don’t make families like mine anymore.

On Saturday afternoon, like every Saturday afternoon, I took my eight-year-old cousin, Paige, to soccer practice.

On Sunday morning, my dad’s side of the family – me, Meg, Mom, Dad, three cousins, two aunts and one uncle – went up to the high school for the varsity baseball team’s pancake breakfast fundraiser. The breakfast left much to be desired; we went mostly to support one of my cousins, a pitcher on the team. My Dad went to eat sausage.

Just after dinner tonight, my grandma popped in to drop off loaves of banana bread for my sister and me. Just because.

I have six aunts. Four live within a half-hour of me.

I have seven uncles. Five live within a half-hour of me. One is in Chicago. One is in heaven.

I have nine cousins. They all feel like siblings.

Serious dysfunction. Profound affection.

We’re like ice cream and pickles.

Don’t knock us ‘til you try us.


ropedncr said...

yes. families are wonderful. it's great there's yours is so close by. we moved to illinois last year to be near our oldest (by nine minutes) daughter's family (plus we're now only a day's ride away from my mom, an aunt and uncle, one of my sister's and her husband and the loml's baby sister. it's been nice.

Unknown said...

I think that's beautiful. I love my family. My cousins are like my brothers. So I totally understand where you're coming from... and it's awesome :)

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