Saturday, April 23, 2005

Building block

I am like a toddler, Colin, trying to put a square block through a round hole. I recognize this.

The key here is that I’m trying.


ropedncr said...

baby steps are good. you're so new at this relationship thing. i hope colin gives you points for trying (and the more you both communicate, real to real, the more clearly defined the goals will be...but, remember, they have to be's good to compromise, but never sell yourself CAN be loved as you are...we all thinks so anyway...from now on i think i'll just put everything in parentheses;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;those were for you...i know how much you love them). best wishes.

slow poke kate said...

awww hang in there. All you can do is try. Life is trial and error really.


Constance said...

I'm too old for this kinda talk.

Just when you think they'll be with you to the end, you keep on living.

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