Thursday, March 17, 2005

With more sleep, it would sting less

I’m writing this on Thursday and it legitimately is Thursday. For four more glorious minutes. I revel in my commitment to blogging and to staying up past my traditional bedtime of 8:30.

If the world were a perfect place, I would spin masterful prose to reflect on my day. But I’m sitting in a hotel lobby (having procured a password for the lobby wireless), listening to a group of Middle o’ Nowhere University marching band students discuss the proper way to play a UNOesque card game called Phase 10.


In the middle of this hectic, been-working-all-year-for-this-week work clusterfuck, Heather called me. And, in the rare moment that I am not entirely consumed by internship bitch work, her call is nagging at me. Chewing on me. Cursing my existence.

I’m just calling to tell you that I broke up with my boyfriend
last weekend
and I moved back home
call me when your next indoor soccer season starts
I really want to play
it would be fun to sign up together

Fuck, Heather. FUCK.

Why do you do this to me? Why do you do this? For four years – since you started dating that boyfriend who just dumped you – we have had threads of a friendship. We saw each other occasionally. We faked it. You hurt me.

And now the boyfriend is gone and now you’re out of the college town and now seems like a really great time to rekindle.


It feels too 90210.


slow poke kate said...

i hate relationships like these.... I HAD many. I cut them. Had to. They are suffocating...

Carrie said...

I believe the proper wording should not read: Fuck, Heather. Fuck.

I'm thinking more on the lines of.... oh, I dunno....

Fuck Heather.


Unknown said...

I agree with Carrie and Amanda.

Toxic friendships are only negative in the end... no matter what threads you sometimes cling to, it usually doesn't turn out well (in my personal experience, anyway).

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