Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Sign of the times

You know that springtime is coming when Tim Horton’s starts running its Roll Up the Rim to Win promotion.

You roll up the rim of your coffee (or soda) cup, you see. And you win one of 100 Panasonic home theatres! One of 500 $1000 cash prizes! One of 30 GMC Envoys. One of 7,500 Coleman camping packages! One of 25,000,000+ free donuts, muffins, cookies or cups of coffee!

Or, in my case, you win a dirty paper cup that reads, “please play again.”

Which is f-i-n-e.

Rolling up the rim is a prize in itself.


Unknown said...


I never win, either. Almost every workday, I buy a coke (one out of 12 wins!) and every day, it says "please play again!" After several months of this, I figure I've bought at least 30-40 cokes. One out of 12? My ass!

Constance said...

So its late wed. and no post, does that mean your out with him?

I got an e-mail that says I won over $2,000,000 in an Italy lotto. I'm scared to reply. If someone else wins they have my computer paranoia to thank.

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