Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Happy living

Newsflash. Spring is here and I am happy.

Today it was 65 degrees. The sun was out. I walked my dogs wearing nothing but track pants and a long-sleeved shirt. I pulled the comforter off of my bed and brought it outside to air out, hoping that it will smell more like spring and less like my darling bed partner, Stevie. I spent the afternoon on the deck with a book and the sunshine.

Yesterday, I passionately bitched to my mother about the injustice of the travesty that is the fact that I haven’t won at Roll Up the Rim to Win despite:
a. my neighborhood Tim Horton’s having sold 600+ winners (they keep a tally in the window)
b. my boss having won four times this Roll Up the Rim to Win season

Mom, in her infinite wisdom, said to me “maybe you can’t have a beautiful article published and get a job offer and win a free donut, too.”

And she doesn’t even know about Colin!

Squeal. Giggle. Scream.

Maybe I really did need to get mad to get happy.


Plantation said...

Don't sweat the rim. You've got Colin. Now pass the Timbits please.

Unknown said...

:) life is good, sweetheart. with or without the free donut. :)

A said...

My boss won again today. Bastard.

I think Tim's has a system that sniffs out the Canadians and gives them winners.

Here's the kicker, kids: I don't even like donuts.

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