Wednesday, March 16, 2005



It’ s Thursday but we’re going to pretend like I posted this on Wednesday because I wish that I had posted it on Wednesday because if I had posted this on Wednesday I would have free internet access in my hotel room or internet access that my bosses would pay for and that would make me significantly less crabby psychobitch and significantly more darling and adorable.

I do not like that I have to share a hotel room with two girls that I do not know. I do not like that I am paying for my own parking, at $20/night, when I am here for an internship in which I barely make $20/day. I do not like that I didn’t get to blog yesterday.

But I do like that I’m pretending that I got to blog yesterday. And I do like that I was just on the phone and said, “I don’t fucking care!” really, really loud in an atrium that carries sound really, really well. I like that I’m staying in a beautiful hotel in my favorite city. I like that last night required me to put on a gorgeous dress and be beautiful.


Things could be worse.


Constance said...

A gorgeous dress and beautiful...this is so going to put a clink in our bogger relay.
As long as you DO NOT post a picture, I'll live with it.

61764-ish? Your just got dumped friend must be looking pretty good now.
No really, I'm happy for you in all the right sentences.

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