Tuesday, February 08, 2005


In addition to The Internship, I work a job that I actually like.

I coach group skating lessons.

I love everything about teaching lessons. I love the sticky fingers and the giggles and the brats and the anxious parents and the hugs and the Valentines kids give me. I love teaching the kids how to fall. I love helping them up.

But there is nothing I despise more than when I catch one of my students’ parents in the stands, holding a camera or a camcorder.

I take it to mean that one day I will be a memory, paused upon only to laugh at.

“It was 2005, honey. That’s how people dressed.”

If we substitute 2005 with 1990 and add in an explanation of permed hair and why it was considered attractive in the early '90s, we would have an exact replica of a conversation I had with my mother.

Thank God I'm not allowed to teach in multi-colored sailboat sweatshirts and tapered, print MC Hammer pants.


girl from florida said...

LMAO... at first I thought the picture was YOU and I was like, why in the world does she wear these clothes ice skating? Very initial first impression, promise :)

A said...
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A said...

Hahahaha. Unfortunately not.

But that is me in the white sweatshirt with the sweet-ass denim appliqués.

p.s. How the hell did I delete my own comment? What a tool.

Constance said...

Be grateful it isn't Disney on Ice
and not everybody gets a mask?

Amanda said...

I love it. The little girl in the white earmuffs whith the puppy head on one ear and the puppy tail on the other end... I had those earmuffs. Reminds me of my dance team being in the local christmas parade, when I was 13.

That would be incredible to teach ice skating lessons. Actually, it would be cool to just ice skate. Growing up in the south, you don't have many opportunities to do so.

A said...


Just for letting me in on what was on that girl's ear muffs (I'd been wondering!), you have a standing invitation for lessons should we ever cross paths.

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