Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Stroke that ego

Why coaching adults is fun:

1. I don’t have to act like a mime
2. Baby voice is unnecessary
3. I can use long, complicated words like ice and foot
4. Games are frowned upon
5. Every class turns into a passionate session of Compliment Coach.

“Oh, you make it look soooooooooo easy!”

“You’re so graceful.”

“I’ll never skate as well as you, but...”

I am so incredibly vain.


Constance said...

People say I'm not vain enough. Usually, after I've dropped the old line fishing for a compliment. Not everyone falls for this and I'm wondering if coaching is easier than constantly pointing out how inept I am in hopes of getting praise. Maybe there's a blog with daily praise I could subscribe to. I'm not even sure I'd fall for that. In case you didn't see your blog praise. Your inner blog links are masterful. Your template is the highlight of my favorites. And your posts brighten my day.

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