Saturday, February 19, 2005

Sparing us all

Subjects I could be blogging on:
1. A mildly sprained ankle.
2. Columbus, Ohio.
3. Kevin’s bad habit of drunk dialing me at 3:27 AM.
4. My weeklong cookie binge.
5. Nail polish.
6. My disgust for Howie Day.
7. My disgust with the NHL lockout.
8. My disgust with the disparity between the hours Kevin and I, who are paid the same and were hired for identical positions, work.
9. Ceramic hair straighters.
10. Why I love my alma mater despite feeling as though I wasted $100,000 on my education.
11. Dippin’ Dots.
12. Outrage at the podiatrist’s office.
13. A Gesture Life, Chang-rae Lee.
14. Oprah.
15. Opera.
16. Sweater-knit skating tights.
17. Uncle Jimbo.
18. Healthcare.
19. An identity crisis initiated at the hands of my four-year-old cousin.
20. Potholes.
21. The green and white scarf I’m knitting for my grandpa.
22. Insanely dry, Midwestern winter skin.
23. Eminem.
24. Kid Rock.
25. The White Stripes.
26. Impending job ohmygodi’mgoingtoliveathomeforever search.
27. Muffins v. healthful 8-grain yum-yum bread.
28. Newsprint.
29. Playing soccer mom.
30. Flexibility, in life and in hamstrings.
31. Nail biting.
32. Champion double-dry sports bras.
33. Ikea.
34. The good hearted.
35. Online banking.
36. Why I’d make a damn fine housewife/stay-at-home mom.
37. Skating. Duh.

37 possibilities and nothin’ to show for it.

I blame it on soul-obliterating exhaustion. On this much sleep, coherent thought is as possible as parking a freight train in a thimble.


Constance said...

That's a lot of possiblities to claim as a no show.

Must be a 20 - 40 bug going around. My mom(74) is sleeping like a rock.

Newgyptian said...

Please feel free to elaborate on 3,9, and 19. :)

Plantation said...

Quite a list. It's weird. I don't have a list and can't seem to *think* of things to write about. My friend Gazoo just feeds me ideas out of nowhere.

Random thoughts on your list: #2, Oh how I hate, Ohio State? #Why don't you tell Kevin you 'want him?' Maybe he'll comply or stop drunk dialing. What's behind #6? I like that song "Collide." I don't like or get #11. #19 Kids say the darndest things and they *can* humble you. #27 anything about food I'm game. Pass the Timbits. I'm guessin' you love #32. Love their dry line. Elaborate on #34 and 36.
37. Skating. Duh.

A said...

#19, boys and girls, is mentioned in my most recent post.

The rest? ...I'm sure I'll touch on them eventually.

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