Monday, February 14, 2005

Sparing the gory details

Nothing happened.

Nothing monumental. Nothing noteworthy.

It was what it was. And while I can look back on parts of our evening and inwardly squeal/giggle/pinch myself, nothing I could write would elicit a squeal, a giggle, a pinch, binge eating, a celebratory jig or victorious confetti throwing in others. I’m not even sure it would hold your attention. It’s all too simple. It’s all too sixth grade.

We had a good time. A few hours. Good conversation. He wanted me to go to his house. I had to go home and do time-sensitive work for my internship. He emailed me late that night, asking why I hadn’t called him when I was done doing my work. He left me a voicemail the next afternoon.

Thinking about him makes me smile. It diminishes Kevin. It makes me rethink my desire to start over someplace new.

But the sum of the equation is this: it was one night and a few drinks.

And that’s a very flimsy foundation to build hopes on.


ropedncr said...

but it's better than nothing, and hope doesn't require a lot of support.

Plantation said...

But the sum of the equation is this: it was one night and a few drinks. And that’s a very flimsy foundation to build hopes on.

Ahh m'dear. This was supposedly your first date, right? To me, it sounded wonderful. Plus, you don't have to marry the guy so try not to look at each date as a 'is he the one?' kinda mentality. Meet people, have fun, learn.

Don't know this guy, but he *definitely* seems into you. Clues are all over the place. Ball's in your court deary. Start building your foundation.

A said...

Well...we'll see.

I don't want to get excited; whatever hope requires, it's a bummer when it comes crashing down around you.

Whatever happens will.

Amanda said...

Finally ;) No more suspense!

Well, I understand you not wanting to put too many eggs in one basket, I'll go with PT's remark. It sounds as if this guy really likes you.

Keep us posted!! Arrange to see him again!!

Newgyptian said...

Okay, I've just spent the last 1.5 hours at work reading your blog. (I started off with a comment on your Feb. 9th post.) Anyway, I'm impatiently anticipating updates on this situation with this guy, and otherwise really enjoying your blog!

Pink Poppy said...

Mmmm...I wouldn't say "flimsy". That's pretty much how MOST relationships start, isn't it?

A said...

Oh, how I love you all!

Oh, how you make not doing work so easy!

[which is totally okay. I'm an intern. My bosses get what they (don't) pay for.]

Newgyptian - Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you for the hair tips. And for reading, certainly.

Amanda - I'll see him tomorrow. Until then, I will work on finding the guts to suggest the arrangement of more quality time. No promises!

Pink Poppy - I suppose you're quite right about that. I'm just worried that I'm floating too high and I'm going to fall too far.

Elle said...

I completley understand the fear of the fall, disappointment and hurt. But, every relationship starts out with that, so if you are afraid of that and don't let yourself into it, you might miss out on something great. Besides, you learn something new and qualities to look out for in the next one from every hurt.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thank you for stopping over my blog.
I'm in agreement with the other posters - sounds like you had a very good date and who knows what can come of it. Hopefully good stuff. I'll have to be back to hear about it!

Constance said...

"Eke! Run for the hills!"

I've always wanted to say that to dating girls. Thanks for letting me at least type it.

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