Sunday, February 13, 2005


My father, holding me in a headlock because I threatened to kick his ass if he shit in my bathroom:
“I’m going to rip your head off and shit in your windpipe.”


girl from florida said...

I don't know if I should laugh or cry at your dad's quote. :) (I obviously settled for laughing)

Plantation said...

Lemme get this straight. You go out on your first date. We've been rooting our asses off for you. We're dying to know what happened last night and you give us this bullshit about you dad and the bathroom???? You cannot be serious!

PS, Is that quote from the movie, A Few Good Men?

Constance said...

2 odd reasons to read "Walk on the World in Pontiac, Il" today:

Day 44 :Bathroom crowded? Read the differences between my walk and a shower.

Picture-post: I mentioned your blog and I hope, your name. I'm borrowing ideas from reading and actually might have mentioned your blog once before to credit your use of links. Your "my gym" link and praise did not go unnoticed. The mention of Tom Brady probably through me over the edge. Anyhow, any editing requests or demands?

A said...

GFF - laugh. My father is never to be taken seriously.

PT - Dad says it isn't from a movie. He may be lying.

Ancethcal - I'll be over to read tomorrow. At work. Because not only am I an excellent intern, but I'm an excellent intern lacking in projects.

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