Thursday, February 17, 2005

Mmmmmm! Chicken!

I like it when girls wear ultra-shiny, my-lips-radiate-UV-light, suitable-only-for-Las Vegas, check-your-reflection-in-my-peckers lip gloss.

It makes me think of a really greasy fried chicken dinner. With mashed potatoes.

One day, when I get some balls, I’m going to ask a Shiny Lip if she was just eating at KFC.

It’ll be sweet.


Constance said...

A typo? Reflection-in-your-? Let's all hope you never get some balls. Speaking of which, are you sure these lip stick lovers are women? Sounds like someone's having an off day! *could be me*

A said...


Well, 'round my family lips are sometimes refered to as peckers. But, um, uh. Yeah. Ha.

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