Saturday, February 26, 2005

The MasterCard master plan

Yesterday, Meg came home for Spring Break.

Yesterday, Mom and Dad left for vacation.

Meg, our little princess, is pissed.

Meggie doesn’t like that she wasn’t invited. Meg doesn’t like that Mom and Dad chose basking in the sunshine to staying home and fawning over her visit to the homestead.

Meg has made a very comprehensive plan to get back at Mom and Dad. Her plan involves Mom and Dad’s credit card, the mall, various restaurants, yarn and fabric, the movie theater, upgrading hockey equipment, her favorite dessert and me.

Saying no to preserve my self-worth and my standing in our family unit is not an option.

Meg needs an accomplice. She’s bigger than me. There is no possible way that I can refuse her request.

Plus, I think it is important to family dynamic that all children are spoiled equally.


Plantation said...

Possessing mom & dad's credit card while they're away vacationing...???


A said...

Priceless for Meg and me.

Mom and Dad have already kicked in $275 at Marshall Fields and another $30 on dinner. Suckers.

Plantation said...


Plantation said...


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