Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Flipping perspective

As a child, I was afraid of ambulances. The noise and the commotion caused when an ambulance roared down a street frightened me.

My mom, probably mighty tired of the terrified wailing that started when I heard a siren, explained to me that ambulances were very good.

When we see ambulances, she said, we shouldn’t be scared.

When we seen an ambulance it means that a person is getting they help that she needs.

I promptly abandoned my fear of ambulances; I smile when I see them, now. I think of my mother and I think of people receiving the care they need.

And that, my friends, illustrates what an astonishingly excellent parent my mother is.


slow poke kate said...

That is a nice thought. My mother is superstitious and would always tell us to "grab a button" on our shirts until the ambulance passed. The same for when we saw a Hearse. I still don't understand why. In some strange way it was suppose to keep that from happening to us....

People do strange things for security...

I like your memory much better.

Anonymous said...

Very nice story. I use a similar method when the actual noise of the sirens irritates me. I feel guilty. Like why I should complain when someone is really hurt? So I want the noise to sound pleasant and know how neccesary this particupar traffic is.
It gets a lot more complicated when I actually want to be that ambulance driver due to some crazy notion that that could be me out there waiting.
So now mom's taking some medical courses and she's trying to solve these issues. Mom's are the best.

Plantation said...

awww, that's sweet!

Are you excited getting all this new traffic? I just love our little community; I can't stress it enough.

Trivia question. Do you remember how we met, meaning the subject that was at hand? (no cheating). The clues are within...

A said...

I do recall the subject at hand when we first met; I explained to you the proper useage of semicolons. What could be more exciting than that?

Plantation said...

Damn you are good; I thought I had you.


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