Friday, February 11, 2005

Evidence of my loser gene

I had braces as a middle-schooler, which is neither unusual nor uncommon for a child of my generation. We were all brace faces, which made sporting tinsel teeth virtually painless when it came to impressing our peers.

Getting my braces off just before starting high school (oh my God, now that I have straight teeth all of the high school boys are going to fall in love with me!), I was intelligent enough to get into the good habit of wearing my retainers every night to bed.

The conscious and very responsible decision to care for my newly straightened pearly whites can be attributed to my mother, who is a professional nag, and my elder cousin, whose teeth slid back to their pre-braces chaos after a few years of retainer neglect.

Wearing my retainers at bedtime was a good habit that I sustained through travel and college and one summer being a counselor (read: being held in hellish conditions like a slave because the majority of my salary came on successful completion of an entire summer of catering to spoiled children) at a sleep-away camp in Pennsylvania and another summer studying in Denver.

It’s automatic. Sleeping without my retainers in feels foreign.

I’ve been whitening my teeth the last two nights, so I haven’t been able to wear my retainers.

It is no coincidence that I can’t sleep.

Baby girl can’t sleepy without her pacifier.


girl from florida said...

That's awesome that you still wear your retainer. Mine stopped fitting, oh, about 5 or 6 years ago. My teeth still look straight, but won't fit in the retainer. Now I whiten most nights too :) I'm kind of obsessive about my teeth sometimes.

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