Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Confessions of a closeted teeny-bopper

Spotted: One (1) 6'2", 280 lb. NFL defensive end

At: My gym

Talking to: Hot Pat

Discussing: My alma mater

Critical name drop: Tom Brady, “my boy”

Urine: Streaming down leg of my black yoga pants

Shame: Severely lacking


Constance said...

Are YOU so lying!
TOM Brady?
It was Greg!
You forgot to mention some dark mysterious fact about TOM.
Like he was an engineering major who will spend his off season days building orphanages and widow's homes.

To delete or not to delete?
{Or that his favorite food is the other half of your shake.}

A said...

Damnit, ancethcal! You just made me pee my yoga pants for the second time today.

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