Monday, February 21, 2005

Because of Dave Matthews

My best friend, Lucy, and I went to see Because of Winn Dixie yesterday.

Perhaps, gentle readers, you are curious as to why two 22-year-olds would choose to see a family movie.

The reason is rather simple.

Dave Matthews is in it.

And Dave Matthews is the reason that we are friends.

Lucy and I met as high school sophomores. We were destined to be acquaintances. We commiserated about barely passing our dreadful advanced chemistry class, we ate the occasional lunch together, we snickered at the annoying kids in our class and we did bad imitations of our teacher. But I was in the midst of my soccer phase and Lucy couldn’t have cared less about sports. Lucy worked at a stable and I was two years away from my first job.

We were school friends. Casual friends. The summer between our sophomore and junior years, we didn’t talk once. But, come August, we were delighted to see that we were in the same Advanced Placement U.S. History class. We picked up where we left off, bitching about American history with the passion with which we had previously discussed our chemistry woes. We still ate the occasional lunch together. We still restricted our friendship to school hours.

Our mutual friend, Aviva, suggested that we go to the Dave Matthews Band concert that December. Lucy was invited because she absolutely adored the Dave Matthews Band; I garnered an invite because my dad could get sweet seats at the venue.

And so we went.

And so I fell in love with Dave Matthews Band.

And so Lucy became my best friend.

It is amazing, ladies and gentlemen, what a common interest can do to a previously casual friendship. There was always a TV appearance or magazine article or the bootleg copy of a live show or Mr. David J. Matthews’s hot ass to talk about. To one another, we could squeal about a balding 30something and not garner any criticism.

We’ve seen 18 Dave Matthews Band concerts together. I can tell you all about every one of them. Eventually, I’m sure that I will.

In the midst of all of the concerts and the obsession, Lucy and I learned that we had a lot more in common than the Dave Matthews Band. We were a lot alike and markedly different, complimenting the other’s attributes and hiding her flaws. We were – and are – an unstoppable team.

An unstoppable team with an impeccable taste in music, I might add.


M said...

This is so strange. We have so much in common. I love DM, the NFL, am 22, a recent college grad, and living with my parents =), and am involved in journalism.

I just wanted to note that.

Keep up the good blogging!


A said...

I just buzzed on over to your blog, Maureen, and -- you're a sports writer? Oh. My. Goodness.

So we actually have a little more in common. I'm interning in sports right now.

It's really nice to meet you, Maureen. I always wanted a twin!

M said...

Very cool! I've always wanted a twin too!

I forgot to mention that I have been to 7 DMB concerts, and am very impressed with your high number.

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