Friday, January 14, 2005

With me v. at me

I was just talking with Kevin on AOL Instant Messenger. We were bitching about our boss because, as interns, it’s the only thing we’re proficient at doing.

One of the few redeeming qualities about Carrie is that she thinks that Kevin and I are dating. She brings it up all of the time and has told just about everyone in our office building. I get embarrassed despite secretly enjoying the simple fact that Carrie, who is only a few years older than us, could actually see Kevin and I being together.

Me: She just would spread more rumors that we're sleeping together
Kevin: were sleeping together now!
Me: Oh, hell yes!
Kevin: wow, you are too fast for me, slow down!
Me: Everybody knows, Kevin!
Kevin: hahaha!
Kevin: is that all i am to you!?
Kevin: a good time!
Me: No, Kev. You are way more than a good time.
Me: You're a good time and a pillar of perfection to measure myself up against.
Kevin: have you ever denied it?
Me: Yes, I've denied it. She doesn't care. It's like she can't hear me!
Kevin: funny that she thinks youre in my league!
Kevin: 8-)
Kevin: hahahaha!
Me: Oh, my self-esteem!
Me: My fragile self-esteem!
Kevin: im going to say that to her if she ever asks me about us
Kevin: “pfffff, like shes in my league”
Kevin: hahaha! that will be fun times!
Me: She won't say anything to you.
Kevin: hahaha
Me: But, if she does. Go for it.
Me: And I'll just cry in the bathroom for a few hours.
Kevin: right, why would she talk to me if she had nothing to criticize
Me: Oh, true.
Kevin: haha, poor baby
Kevin: its just a joke

I know that Kevin didn’t mean any harm. And it’s very juvenile to make anything out of a conversation that occurred via instant messenger.

But it’s still really, really hard for me to take that as a joke.


Plantation said...

Time-out from divorceland.

You like this dude, right? You said you've never been out on a date, right? I think you should just go for it and ask him out. Life's too short, girl. What's the worst that can happen? He says 'no thanks?' Screw your self-esteem and go for it!

Besides, it'll make for a helluva post.

A said...

If I didn’t have to work in such close proximity to Kevin, I would consider it. But we have the most intense, time-consuming portion of our internship coming up. It’s going to involve a fair amount of travel and time working together and I would really hate for things to be weird or awkward.

Plus, I was on the phone with him last night and he told me all about how excited he was because this girl he had previously been seeing (things didn’t work out) had called him.

And there’s that part about me being a spineless wimp.

All signs point to no.

Anonymous said...

Well that is understandable. If he still has feelings for this girl then its probably best not to make a move towards him. Dating while still having feelings for someone else can turn into a messy situation. Maybe he is telling you about the ex-girlfriend's call because he picks up that you like him and doesn't want to lead you on or maybe because he sees you as just a friend, but don't rule out other possibilities. With all the gossip going around the office of you two dating you think he hasn't entertained the idea of how that would be like? Oh probably.

In the meantime, I think it would be ok to just be his friend and hope for no reunion with the ex. But heck, if you don't hear about this girl in a few weeks or months (or you could ask him about that), then you should turn on the flirt machine to maximum so your interest is made obvious to him. You got things going for yourself here:
1.He doesn't have any quarrels with you, like his ex.
2.You two get along - phone calls, chatting, hanging out. That's a good start.
3.Why did he ask if you denied it? Curious one =)

But also, don't wait around for him. Although he may seem like the one choice for you at the moment, don't rule out any other suitors. Also take in mind I’m no relationship expert and have had minimal contact with such things, so I could be all-wrong!

Sorry for the long post. Livejournal is down so I'm writing my entry here =P


Plantation said...

Darcy, nice comment. She's right, A. Don't wait for him. You've got waaaayy too much to offer, girl. Take it from a guy. I'm tellin' ya, OK? So listen.

D, sorry your site's down. Bummer.

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