Thursday, January 06, 2005


In my role as Useless College Graduate, as well as in my prior role as Useless College Student, my mother conditioned my behavior just like Pavlov did his dogs. Child hear dryer buzz, child fold clothes. Nagging is Mom’s negative reinforcement of choice.

Child hear dryer buzz. Child open dryer. Child learns that there is nothing quite as defeating as opening the dryer to a load of white laundry.

All of those socks to pair. All that underwear that isn't even mine to fold. It’s torturous. I can handle the white loads with much more dignity if I have time to mentally prepare for it - to psych myself up, if you will. It takes a certain mood to put in a load of whites.

Laundry-related mental health: another reason I should get a real job and move out.


Robert_M said...

LOL! I'm also a laundry hater.

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