Sunday, January 16, 2005

To reduce the risk of death by electric shock

I’ve been moving since my feet hit the floor at 7:00 this morning and, still, I’ve reached the point where I’ve had to triage my weekend to-do list.

I have an hour until I need to leave for my hockey game. Five minutes ago, I stood in my bedroom and tried to decide between taking a bath, with the hopes that the hot water will loosen up my back to the point that I can bend over to tie my own skates, or Sno Sealing the heels of my figure skates.

Bath. Definitely the bath.

And I could always bring my figure skates and the Sno Seal into the bathroom with me. I’m just going to be sitting in the bath. Instead of wasting valuable time doing something ridiculous like relaxing for 10 bloody minutes, I could scratch two items off of The List. All I’d need is a rag to smooth in the sealant and the hairdryer to heat the leather!

And then I realized.

Holy fucking shit. I am the asshole for whom DANGER – KEEP AWAY FROM WATER! DO NOT USE WHILE BATHING warnings were created for.

Humbling. Truly humbling.


slow poke kate said...

And here I have always thought, "why the feck do they put these warming labels on electrical appliances!" So they are for YOU! ;)

Thanks for the comment on my site! Totally appreciative for new readers.

I plan on reading much more! I'll be back.

Island Girl

slow poke kate said...

hahah "Warming Labels" ... a typo gone literal.

Please, don't take the hairdryer in the bath with you...

Plantation said...

Damn, now my blogger pal Amanda has found you, or vise versa. Seems like we've all found each other. Anyway, I'll have to temper my comments now. I was gonna say something about images of you in the bathtub, but I can't now. Gee tks Amanda.

Pink Poppy said...

Hey! You are WAY funny! I may have just found a kindred spirit. Yes, it's true. I only pretend to be responsible and intelligent.

So you're a skater? Oh my gosh! I was glued to the TV all weekend. I sent my family to our cabin so that I could watch the championships in our theater with no interruptions. THEN I remembered that we don't get the network feeds on our satellite (aaarrrggghhh) so I had to watch on the TV anyway. At least it was quiet.

Well, I'd love for you to come on back by my site any time! I will be writing furiously about the World's and the lead-up to it whether the rest of my readers want to hear about it or not. So PLEASE come "play" again....

Anonymous said...

Haha, Plantation. You just had to say it?


Robert_M said...

I really enjoy your blog, so please be careful.

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