Monday, January 31, 2005

My planner is full

It was very difficult to psych myself up for Monday. And it’s proving very difficult to psych myself up for Tuesday.

So lets just put this theme on repeat for the next eight weeks, because I’m fully expecting to continue loathing Mondays and abhor Tuesdays and hate Wednesdays and detest Thursdays and...yeah. Ya’ll get the gist.

In addition to the Peewee’s Playhouse that is my internship, I work a second job. Converse to my internship, I enjoy my second job. And I get paid for it. Crazy shit, eh?


My boss at my second job just cranked up my hours. My internship is winding up for what is widely known as Undoubtedly The Worst Months of the Year. And I am anxiously gnawing off my hand while writing it all on the calendar.

I just don’t anticipate well.

All I can think about is how hard the next eight weeks are going to blow and how often I:
a. won’t be able to go to the gym
b. will want to maim my boss
c. will miss skating
d. won’t have time to read anything but poorly-written press releases that must be doctored up into something that resembles the English language in 35 seconds
e. will run on little to no sleep and a shitload of coffee
f. will be pissed off beyond what is reasonable/healthy
g. won’t know which end is up

Today is the official start date of what will now be known by the (catchy) title of Two Dick Douchebag Asshole Prick Bitch Whore Cocksucker Collective Months of Really Uncool Stuff.

Expect many disgruntled posts and many more that are absolutely incoherent in form, style, flow and purpose.


Constance said...

One day in the not to distant future
you may look back on a-f and laugh.
Or not and edit in to letter Z.
Either way, you can pat yourself on the back
and think "I write a wickedly wild post."

Plantation said...

You're killin' me girl. So funny. Can u tell me what specifically you will be doing for the next 8 weeks?

A said...

How about I tell you what I won't be doing? Sleeping. Damnit.

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